Adventures in Ghana: Akosombo Dam

It’s time for another adventure series of posts! Last week I made a trip with some friends of mine to the Volta region, which is east of the Eastern region. That makes sense. Our first stop was Akosombo Dam, which is responsible for creating Lake Volta, the largest manmade lake by surface area in the world. Lake Volta is fed by three main tributaries, the Red, White, and Black Volta Rivers. The power plant has six operational turbines with an output of 173.1 MW each. Only three of the turbines were spinning while I was there, and apparently the Volta River Authority hasn’t been able to operate the plant at full capacity as often as they used to. The dam is responsible for generating about 60 – 70% of Ghana’s electricity, so variations in its production can have serious consequences for the grid.


On the shore of Lake Volta


Where the water from Lake Volta enters the penstocks


Water flows down the orange penstocks to the turbines


Overlooking River Volta


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