Adventures in Ghana: KNUST

Continuing my adventure, I dropped at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (or just KNUST) on the road back from Mole National Park to explore campus and also get a bit of work done. KNUST is much larger than ASHESI (and UD for that matter), enrolling nearly 24,000 students. Campus has its own arboretum (to be covered in a later post), a museum, market district, as well as a variety of guesthouses and libraries.

First stop, the museum! To be honest, it was not quite what I expected. Less a museum and more of a study space with a spattering of art, it nevertheless was an enjoyable stop. In my opinion, the highlight of the display are the engravings on the stone face of the building.

For being a school specializing in science and technology, KNUST has a lot of art throughout campus. Besides the murals, I also ran into sculpture gardens and many students in the middle of ad hoc fashion shoots.

I ended up befriending some first year planning majors on campus (one of them was kind enough to show me around the city of Kumasi). Planning is similar to urban planning, although the the class that was described to me focused on development of infrastructure and new buildings for villages. Familiar to any college student back home, they’ve pulled more than a few late to all nighters working on their drafts.


Back at the guest house, I met a Chinese pharmaceutical engineer, Matthew, who’s been living in Ghana for about a year and a half. We traded stories, and he told me about his hometown in China, a quiet, rural area surrounded by mountains. As a parting gift, he shared some fruit from his home that is used to create a herbal tea. According to my new friend (or at least how I understood it to be), the tea is typically imbibed after a long, hot day to lower the body temperature of the drinker. In addition, the tea is not (should not be?) consumed daily, although I couldn’t quite ascertain the reason for that. My opinion? The tea was delicious, and while I can’t say that I felt cooler, I certainly felt refreshed.

Prior to being picked up by my colleagues at the end of my multi-day stay, we found a road that was most obviously named for the company. 🙂 Conclusion: KNUST is a pretty cool campus with pretty awesome people. Stay tuned for my visit to the Arboretum.



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