Adventures in Ghana: Mole Park (Night)

After taking a bit of rest following the day safari, I decided it was time to go out again. This time at night. For the night safari, I clambered up the back of a van to access the rooftop seating and was given a high-powered flash light to help spot wildlife.


The sun setting on Mole National Park

Needless to say, the entire experience started to feel a bit like Jurassic Park.


The start of the trip was fairly routine. I had seen many antelope during the day, and I saw them again at night. The only difference was that I was now rudely awakening them with a bright light. Apart from the antelope and water buck, one of the first new animals that I saw was a genet cat. It’s essentially a small cat with a longer tail and neck than a typical domestic cat. Very cute! Next up were bush babies, or galagos, which are small primates that jumped from tree to tree in an effort to avoid the light. We also stumbled across an adorable family of mongooses.


My foot versus elephant foot

That’s when things got more interesting. Near the end of the safari, the guide drove us all close to a lake, one that had been filled with elephants swimming earlier in the day. One by one, we all awkwardly climbed down out of the car and proceeded on foot to the edge of the lake. Shining a flashlight over the surface, I counted fourteen sets of eyes staring back at me. Those eyes belonged to crocodiles, and they all slowly turned and began swimming towards the edge of the lake – my edge of the lake. After watching this with a sort of detached fascination for a couple of minutes, the guide decided that the crocodiles had gotten close enough, and we made the trek back to the car to finish off the safari. Awesome experience!



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