Adventures in Ghana: Ashesi University

Over the past week or so, I’ve traveled from the Greater Accra region in the south up to the Northern region (believe it or not, in the north) and back. My first stop on this journey was Ashesi University, which overlooks the city of Accra on the ridge separating Greater Accra from the Eastern region.


Road by the Ghana Climate Innovation Center overlooking Accra

In addition to being a liberal arts college with a beautiful campus (giant snail sculptures anyone?), Ashesi is the seat of the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC), one of seven in the world. The others are located in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco, Vietnam, and the Caribbean. The goal of the GCIC is to “support entrepreneurs building climate change solutions for Ghana’s green economy.” Ghana’s CIC is still in the process of spinning up, but I’m excited to see the extent of its impact once it is fully operational.

An alumnus of UD also heads up Ashesi’s new engineering program, complete with labs. I took a tour of the labs, which covered fluid flow to electric motor assembly. As an energy geek, seeing an exploded view of a working vapor-compression cycle was definitely the coolest piece of equipment! More students from UD will be heading here this summer to work on appropriate design projects.




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