Burro Guest House

Today wraps up the end of my first full week in Ghana, so I figured I’d share more about my new home. This is partly driven by the fact that I have yet to get into picture taking mode in public because nothing screams Obruni like a white guy photographing everything with his phone. FYI, Obruni translates to “those who come from over the horizon,” or more simply, white people. Thus, taking pictures of the guest house and surroundings was easy.


The Burro Guest House in all of its glory

The guest house is for interns and design fellows of Burro in a neighborhood located about 5 km outside of Koforidua, called New Jauben. The nearest landmark and taxi stop is the Polytechnic (University), where you catch local taxis going to town for 1 cedi and 50 pesewas, or about $0.34. The owner has a thing for art.

IMG_4590.JPG       IMG_4589.JPG

IMG_4596.jpg IMG_4597.jpg IMG_4599.jpg

Ghana and West Africa have a season from November to March during which cool, dry air blows from the Sahara desert, lowering temperatures and filling the air with dust. This Harmattan is responsible for creating a haze similar to fog as well as blood red sunsets.


My attempt to capture a light Harmattan Haze out the front

There’s also an area out back complete with workshop, rope swing, and local flora. We have both palm and cassava trees, which provide the raw ingredients necessary for palm oil and gari respectively. To finish, I’ll leave you with one of my failed attempts to capture the sunset. Simply put, my old iPhone 4 camera just can’t do it justice.


As the sun gets closer to the horizon, it turns blood red


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