Welcome to Ghana! After a near 24 hour travel itinerary, I’ve safely arrived (if somewhat exhausted) at my new home for the next four months. I’ll be living in Koforidua, which is on the road between the capital, Accra, and the seat of the old Ashanti Empire, Kumasi. Koforidua, also known as K-dua or Koff-town, is possibly most famous for its bead market. It is here that I will be working for Burro, a Ghanaian for-profit organization that hopes to improve the quality of life for its clients by offering affordable products meant to help people save and earn more. During my stay, I will be focusing my efforts on solutions and impacts relating to three major industries: palm oil, cocoa, and gari. In addition, I’ll be sharing my attempts at learning to speak Twi as well as my adventures in and around Koforidua. If you’d like to get in touch with me, I now have a local phone number! Or, you could just download and use WhatsApp. More to follow!


Akwaaba Lady in Burro Guest House

(*Note: I actually arrived on January 19th, so a whole four days prior to sending this out!)






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