Just Keep Digging…Just Keep Digging…Just Keep Digging…

The construction of a tower at Windarra farm to test new turbine designs is one of our primary projects for the summer. The tower needs to be able to support a turbine with a rotor length of 5 meters under fifty year extreme wind speeds of 50 meters per second. Essentially, this means that we have to dig a bunch of giant holes and fill them with concrete to serve as the foundation for the tower. All of the work is done by hand using a type of Indian hand shovel and an iron spike. If someone had introduced these shovels to the guys in ‘Holes,’ it would have made their lives a lot easier. Unfortunately, our hole was both wider and deeper than the length of the shovel we were using, about 1.2 meters to be exact. Now that the form is created, the next step is to fill up this hole with lots and lots of concrete.

IMG_2454 IMG_5558 IMG_2461   IMG_5573 IMG_5584 IMG_5579


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