Vacation in Frankfurt/Heidelberg

It is currently 8:00 am in Frankfurt Germany as I write this, which is about 1:00 am back home in the States. I’m staying in the Frankfurt Hostel, a temporary haven for international travelers, listening to what sounds like German Mumford and Sons and enjoying a great cheese and salami sandwich for breakfast. The past couple of days have been a complete flurry of activity, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and type it out.

My adventure started with a flight (delayed of course) from Harrisburg to Chicago, which was where I said goodbye to my parents for the summer. Next up, a flight across the Atlantic. Before this, I had never been outside of North America, nor had I ever been on such a long flight. I arrive in Germany with my group, only to realize that everything in Germany is actually in German, making it incredibly difficult to figure out how to use their train system. Conveniently, the hostel is located immediately next to the main train station in Frankfurt.

After unloading our bags and grabbing a bit to eat, we’re off exploring on a walking tour of our own. It’s incredibly amazing how bike friendly Germany is. Dayton just put in a new bike share program, but it doesn’t come close to the bike infrastructure that exists in Frankfurt or Heidelberg. Walking through the city, we come across several museums, some good looking restaurants, and a massive flea market. Probably the best food we had was the bratwurst at a wine festival in the middle of Frankfurt. After a good pasta dinner, we were off to a concert at Monsouturm to listen to Dagobert, an artist who plays a type of Austrian pop. The whole experience was incredible, and it helped that Dagobert ended up coming back for two encores, somehow wearing a different outfit for each. Our final day in Germany was spent traveling to Heidelberg, a village with an awesome castle, the best gelato I’ve ever had, and more bikes.

Heidelberg CastleHeidelbergGelato


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